Parkway South Robotics fields several FIRST FTC teams (406, 407, and 408) in addition to its FRC team (1182).

2011 Team Picture

We are comprised of students of all ages and backgrounds, which includes some of the brightest and most dedicated students at Parkway South High. They often also excel in other activities like sports, art, music, academics, and performance. Students take a break from those activities to fully submerge themselves in designing, building, and promoting the robots for both the FRC and FTC competitions. This is a big time commitment but it is interesting, engaging, and always fun!

We are such a large team that we actually field three FTC teams (406, 407, and 408) to the challenge. The teams usually excel at the competition. For the past two years we have placed second at the regional competition and this year we also placed first. We have also done exceptionally well at the FRC regional, placing highly in the final rounds. Another fact that sets us apart from other teams is that we are completely sponsor-funded. Our school district does not fund us and we do not collect dues to be apart of the team.